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About us


Physicians, pharmaceutical marketing and IT experts to provide complete electronic marketing solutions and services formed MedOnline Hungary.

Our marketing, design and technology services can help you to achieve a strategic advantage through a solution that:

  • Increases your return on investment
  • Supports the unique value of your brand
  • Helps define your business goals and marketing strategies

Our services

  • eDetailing Programs

eDetailing is an interactive, personalized sales tool that delivers a traditional product detail through the Internet. eDetailing is not intended to replace the traditional rep visit. Ideally it functions as an adjunct to and the facilitator of the representative-physician relationship.


Increased ROI

Inexpensive to implement and maintain

Consistent message delivery

Increased sales rep effectiveness and productivity

On-line reporting system

  • eLearning Applications
  • eNewsLetters
  • Brand Marketing Portals
  • Email Marketing & Promotions


MedOnline Hungary Ltd.


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Telefon : +36 30 860 9272

Address : 2000 Szentendre Sztaravodai u. 43. F19/A

Director : Tibor Sas eMail:

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